We've moved into our New Tent Showroom and Camping Shop - just South of Cambridge. You can now view our tents and accessories all year - no need to wait for a display!!!

Friday, 14 February 2020

New Tent Showroom & Camping Shop

We've done it!!! We've taken the plunge and moved into our own new premises just south of Cambridge. We are located at Phillimore Garden Centre in Melbourn, where we used to do our displays and have taken over the Cross Camping and Leisure shop and display area. 

We have a selection of tents up inside for you to view all year, plus a rotating selection of tents outdoors; we are also displaying a selection of our emergency tents and Safari Tents. Our fully stocked shop offers lots of camping accessories for an enjoyable stay on any campsite!

We look forward to welcoming you to our new showroom in the near future.

Showroom address
Phillimore Garden Centre | Cambridge Road | Melbourn
Hertfordshire | SG8 6EY

01763 273662

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