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Thursday, 19 March 2020

YouTube Channel

From camping tents to safari tents and even emergency tents, our YouTube channel has lots of videos on pitching techniques, site reviews and more...

Why not have a look and subscribe! Follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/KarstenTentsUK

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Email: info@campingtravelstore.co.uk or call 01763 273662

Friday, 13 March 2020

Horsley Hale Farm - Wedding venue

Our latest install of the Outstanding AN4 Cottage safari tents will see the guests of the Horsley Hale wedding venue near Ely celebrate and stay in style. With our stylish Paris Chic interior, lovely deck and outdoor benches, it a perfect match of comfort and outdoor living. 

The AN4 Cottage will be on display at our showroom just south of Cambridge from April 2020, together with the AN3 Compact and XS models. 

For further information, please contact James & Suzie

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Deflating and packing away a Karsten 380 Air Tent

As we now have space and a little more time in our showroom and display area, we thought we would show you a real-time video of the deflating and packing up a Karsten 380 Air Tent. 

You will see and hear that once the valves are taken out the air begins to rush out. As the tent is about to fall to the ground, I like to hold it a little longer and pull is forward to help the air captured inside the tent (not the tubes) escape via the open front door. 

There is a certain technique to the 'flapping' in order to get the tubes to lie flat so they are not on top of each other, but once you've done it - the tent almost certainly fits back in the bag. 

It only remains to make 3 folds, remove any trapped air in the tubes (I walk over the tent, some people roll over theirs), and rolling from back to front, any remaining air is released. 

You will notice that we put the valve end into the bag so that it lays at the bottom of the bag. This makes sure that we have a nice piece of groundsheet for the zip to run over whilst zipping the bag shut, rather than have to fight with the end of the tent.

Anyway - we hope it helps!

A little more information:
This is the largest model in the Karsten Air Range and sleeps 6 people in 3 bedrooms across the back of the tent that are divided by zipped in cotton curtains. There are various optional awnings that can be zipped onto the front depending on whether you want an enclosed space for wetter weather or open for hot weather and shade.
The base tent weighs 40kg. For more information, please visit www.campingtravelstore.co.uk