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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leatherman Blast - Multitool

One tool to rule them all........

This is a great addition to any camping equipment and even just to have around the house or car.

Being a Leatherman it already has pedigree and before committing to this I was also very taken with the Victorinox Lockable Combination Tool. What made my final decisions were purely based on what I require it for and with that in mind, and a young family with bikes, the pliers aspect was essential. The other deciding fact was that with the Leatherman, all the elements are lockable, whereas with the Victorinox only the larger blade was.

This tool is mid range, I paid £47.00 from Amazon with free delivery.  
It came with a leather belt pouch and has already proved it's worth!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Camping on Hard Standing - Guest Post

We did a test-run pitching on hard standing last September and it was totally successful.   The week was a scorcher and we could have been on grass but the day we packed up the weather changed.  What a joy not walking round on wet and muddy grass while packing up! As the Karsten was a big outlay, the last thing we want to happen is it getting covered in mud.

We put down two 3.5 mtr square cheap tarps bought on Ebay.  Karsten fitted exact.  Rock pins all round and we were sorted.  We have the inner comfort matting and couldn't feel the ballast underneath.  As the trial worked we will buy a heavier duty tarpaulin to pitch on for the future.  You just need to check for any large or sharp stones before laying the tarpaulin down.

Out of interest - the site was The Warren at Folkestone.  It's an excellent site almost on the beach but elevated about 30 about sea level so no worry about getting washed away.  Good sandy beach for the kids, and handy for trips to Canterbury.

John Walker

Please Note that camping on hard standing could damage your tent's ground sheet. Please ensure that appropriate (thick) under sheeting is used. Tents (Including Karsten's) are leisure products designed for a grassy environment.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Karsten Inflatable Tent Display - Hertfordshire

Thank you to all who visited over the weekend

In Case you missed it - play the video below

At Van Hage, we believe that to discover garden plants is to be inspired by them.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Camping in the Snow

Don't let the weather and snow put you off camping. 

No Limits Jeep - Adventurers from the Netherlands seem to manage really well in their Karsten Inflatable Tent - Check out their Website for further information on Winter Camping.

If you have any pictures of your Karsten in the snow, please send them into us: info@campingtravelstore.co.uk

Pictures used by kind permission of No Limits Jeep. 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Karsten Owners - Reward Scheme

We love talking about our Karsten, and indeed having met and spoken to a lot of other owners, you do too....

If you would like us to send you some Karsten Tent Flyers with your name  printed on the back, you can hand these out to any interested parties and should they purchase a tent from us at Camping Travel Store, mentioning your name; as a thank you - we'll send you £25.00 worth of Marks and Spencer's vouchers.

We are not asking you to sell the tent, just talk about it and your experience of purchasing through us.

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