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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

"Midge Proof" Karsten!

We have just supplied our first "Midge Proof" Karsten (A Karsten 240). The versatility of these tent being made to order means that within reason we can specify anything and if it is possible and does not affect the integrity of the tent, then Karsten will provide. In fact there is not much that hasn't been asked previously, so when we were asked for a Midge Proof Tent, to do battle with the Scottish Midges.......Karsten had the answer.

They have previously made these tents to conquer the Swedish midges by simply replacing the mosquito netting in the top and bottom ventilation grills with midge netting. They make a velcro-on midge proof window (very similar to the sealed foil (plastic) window) and then replace the screen door netting with midge netting.
"Midge Proof"
Where possible, specialist netting has been incorporated in the tent to reduce the likelihood of midges entering the tent.

Monday, 26 July 2010

1960's Igloo Tent - Pneumatic Tent Company

Just got back from work to a nice suprise - The CCC Magazine waiting on the floor, and the star letter relating to a 1960's Igloo, manufactured by the Pneumatic Tent Company and a Karsten Inflatable Tent.

We were lucky enough to see a 50 year old Igloo at out latest Karsten Tent Display, when Karsten Tent Enthusiast Garry Jones and his family brought one along to show us. It just so happend that we made a small video of it for posperity - how fantastic that I can now relate it to this article.

If anyone else has photos of their old Igloo, we would love to see them!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Newbury Tent Display Video

We are all set up and ready for the Newbury Karsten Tent Display - Just managed to add a video on YouTube so please check out the "Newbury Display"

Really lucky to see a double rainbow over the tents to! - Check out our latest flickr upload

Thursday, 15 July 2010

For Sale

Karsten 325 with Sleeping Extension and Extras

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