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Monday, 14 December 2015

Winter Camp

Just back from a great weekend having taken our cub pack out camping, yes camping under canvas in Mid December!

Due to the nature of cub camps, I didn't take one of the usual suspects, Karsten, ESVO or Cabanon as the fields usually end up as a bog. So out came my trusted Hurricane 300, specially bought for these types of camps. Quick to erect, sturdy in high winds, rear storage area and perfect for me & my son (not a cub yet, but wanted to come along) for the weekend.

So practising our 'Staying Warm' ideas, we made sure that the ground we were pitching on was suitably flat, compact and free from twigs and anything sharp. Once the tent was pitched, we put a blanket down on the floor to lay our 10cm memory foam topped self inflating mats on. We used 4 season Snugpak sleeping bags with upgraded liners. Sleeping bag ratings are based on the camper wearing a base layer / PJ's in bed - which is always worth considering when choosing a new bag.

During the evening, we played lots of wide games for the cubs to ensure that they kept warm, with a hearty warm meal served just later than normal and a great camp-fire with the customary hot chocolate before bed making sure everyone had warm tummies to sleep.

Having told the cubs to try not to breath into their sleeping bags, I return to my tent made sure my son had his hat on and settled down to a good 7 hours of sleep at a cub camp - virtually unheard of. 

Winter Camping is all about layering clothing, not getting wet, being well fed and staying warm. With the right clothes and waterproofs (they were required) and boots anyone can camp out of season.

Look forward to seeing all your pictures 

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