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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Quick overnighter to Town Farm

Having just finished the display and been away from the children for two week, I naturally said 'What would you like to do this weekend?' their joint response - GO CAMPING!

As it happens, it turned out really useful as I needed to see the Karsten rental tents that Town Farm Camp Site have, so it was a great excuse to take the new ESVO Bedouin 340 for a test run... there will be a review on that tent coming soon.

We arrived just after lunch to glorious sunshine and managed to pitch the tent solely with everything sorted, camp kitchens and beds etc... in under an hour from arrival. The children spent the afternoon playing on the campsite and settled down for home made chill supplemented by a campsite pizza cooked on-site by the travelling pizzeria. It was awesome.... After a fantastic sunset we settled down and slept really well. 

Unfortunately the tent had to come down wet, but as it was so easy to  pitch  I don't mind re-pitching when we arrive home.

 This is a gem of a site - one of our personal favourites