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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Into Photography? The 365 Project

For those of you who follow on Facebook  you will have probably learnt over the past week that I have turned the wrong side of 39. Saw it happening, but was powerless to stop odometer clocking 40!

As a present my family gave me a digital SLR camera that I had been hankering after for a while to which I was absolutely delighted.

I have just signed up to the 365 Project - "Document everyday of your life in a year with a photo".

This link takes you through to my recent photos (Hopefully they'll improve): 

The reason I'm posting about it, is that it makes you take a photo each day! It gets you out the house or on your lunch break, and if you are into photography, there are some seriously spectacular photos to view, all searchable via tags.



  1. Very striking photo! I love the color and the contrast. I’ll look through your link in a bit. I think it will be a lot nice too. :D

  2. stunning... and as patrick said striking as well. SLR camera btw is a great camera, hope your enjoying it as much as i have been!