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Monday, 23 January 2012

Small Fire, Warm Heart

This is a little cooking unit that I feel will have lots of use on our camping trips. Light, compact and able to boil a small kettle in approximately 4-5 minutes when using the supplied fuel; it will also become a great little firepit when the night draws in.

I find that no matter how big the fire, my back is always cold and infact its the sight of the flames dancing which offers the most warmth. Provided you protect the grass (raise on bricks etc...) you are able to feed it with small twigs and pieces of wood (collected on your afternoon walk) in order to have a small controlled fire.

If there ever was a problem, it would only require a small amount of water to extinguish or failing that it is small enough to stamp out.

Gelert Solid Fuel Stove & Fuel £3.50 inc. Fuel

Indian builds small fire - Keeps warm
Whiteman builds big fire, Keeps warm collecting firewood