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Monday, 26 July 2010

1960's Igloo Tent - Pneumatic Tent Company

Just got back from work to a nice suprise - The CCC Magazine waiting on the floor, and the star letter relating to a 1960's Igloo, manufactured by the Pneumatic Tent Company and a Karsten Inflatable Tent.

We were lucky enough to see a 50 year old Igloo at out latest Karsten Tent Display, when Karsten Tent Enthusiast Garry Jones and his family brought one along to show us. It just so happend that we made a small video of it for posperity - how fantastic that I can now relate it to this article.

If anyone else has photos of their old Igloo, we would love to see them!


  1. I have just returned after a weekend camping in the New Forest – my tent was a Pneumatic Tent Company Igloo which is still going strong after 50 years!! I have some pictures which I’d be happy to share with you.

  2. I have just returned from a Dutch Camping site where a French couple had a 34 years old pneumatic igloo of a French Brand. I myself have got a British Made one (bought in Switserland 30 years ago!) which is allready 48 years old.

  3. Any pictures you may have can be posted on the Facebook fan page, or send them through to info@karstententclub.com and we'll create a page on the website.... Just re-upload the video of the 50 Year Old PTC on YouTube, so links should work if not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lATqtkT-0Ws

  4. Hi, I have one of these PTC inflatable tents for sale on Ebay if anyone is interested.

  5. Hi
    i have just been given a Ptc igloo tent from a friend,it is gold and blue.In fairly good condition but have problem with valve as i think it is leaking. Going to try a bicycle valve or car tyre valve in it to see if it will stay inflated

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  7. I've just put our vintage pneumatic tent on ebay, in case anyone's interested:


    Even if not, you might like to see the photo - it's an environmentally-friendly green.


  8. In 1963 my uncle took me camping around Scotland in a tent exactly like this. He pumped his up by removing a plug from the car engine and fitting some sort of connector and long pipe with a pump valve connetor on, so when he started the motor up went the tent, Very clever.i have never seen one again until now. Thank you for bringing back so many youthfull memories, I was 10 at the time and have loved camping ever since. Dsvid Cowton

  9. Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

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