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Monday, 3 May 2010

Standon May Day 2010

Managed to get a good couple of walks in this Bank Holiday. Unfortunately not camping under canvas, but enjoying what our home in Buntingford has to offer.

The walk on Sunday up and over Wakley lane, round to Tannis Court and back through Aspenden proved much fun for the dog, as well providing the much need entertainment for the children of chasing her through the hedgerows.

Thankfully the weather stayed good for the walk, but the downpour the previous night provided lots of good deep splashing puddles that were just too tempting for them to avoid.

Monday provided a mixed bag of weather from downpours to blue skies and the a hail storm, but again, those who dare, and we did - donning all the wet weather gear, we set off for Standon May Day. A traditional village fete.

The clouds parted and the sun shone - Typical should have just taken a brolley!

The children enjoyed having their faces painted, and then we walked to the Ford. The views across fields are always great and although it cannot be seen in the picture, the river meanders beautifully through the field, providing the occasional oxbow lake.