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Friday, 14 August 2009

Back Garden Camping - Product Testing

Following our trip to the Karsten Factory - we finally managed to get out in the garden and erect one of the new Human Comfort Tents. It a 2 man cotton tent with cotton bedroom 2 exits and 3 poles.

Went up in about 5 minutes and I must say it was very toastie! Spent the night in it with our 3 year old daughter, sleeping on the new Human Comfort Self Inflating matresses. Not only are these matresses about 8cm deep, they also come with the option of a foam topper, all held in place by a machine washable cover.

The testing station at the Karsten travel store is a bed of rock - I'm not exactly light and I could not feel the rock under me.
Probably the best nights sleep on a camping matress that I have ever had.....Our daughter slept all the way through.

So far both thumbs up to this new range!!!

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