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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Why the Karsten Tent Club?

First let me introduce myself as James King, from Buntingford
Hertfordshire. I am a happily married family man with two children, who up until four years ago had never heard of Karsten Tents, despite camping for the previous 5 years.

However, after a wet and windy stay at the West Runton CC Club, we happen to wander into Caravan & Camping, totally bedraggled, got introduced to Mark Saville, who basically changed our whole ‘outlook’ on camping. We were introduced to a Karsten 300—wow.

We were so impressed that after a lot of saving and waiting for one to be listed on e-bay that we end up here. Proud owners of a 300 and have started an ‘appreciation society’, or rather the Karsten Tent Club to inform others.

The formation of this club, happened rather quickly, and after purchasing the web site, found that Mark from Camping Direct and also Karsten themselves, were very willing to help establish the club. Hence we are able to use Karsten’s Advertising Photographs and their Logo’s.
This helped us add credit to the site, and hopefully current tent owners will leave or send in their details, so as to keep themselves informed of what’s happening.
We are hoping to arrange a few camping weekends this year and next around the Country, starting with the 1st on 5,6&7th June at Hertford. Please see for more details.

If this sounds like your kind of thing and would like to get more involved, please let me know as help will always be accepted, especially as I have never embarked on anything like this before.

James King

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